Life Mortgage Insurance Links

If you are like me ... you are always looking for ideas on how to make better financial choices with your money.

The links provided below centre around the three financial ideas to better Protect Your Family including mortgage insurance, establishing an emergency fund and managing your cash flow.

(If you are looking for a quick way to asses your need for life insurance check my post "Life Insurance Needs using DIME")

The links are provided for your convenience and are for information and education purposes. Enjoy!

Mortgage Insurance is meant to offer peace of mind ... but does it?
Most people pay the premiums and think they're covered. But some have discovered - when it's too late - that they aren't. Courtesy of CBC Market Place December 2008

Term Insurance vs Whole life Insurance
Why is term always better than whole life or universal life insurance,  courtesy of Dave Ramsey Show March 2008.

The Importance of an Emergency Fund
After you have insurance but before you accelerate and pay down your debt, establishing an emergency fund is critical. Courtesy of CNBC and Suzy Orman June 2009

Spending Smarter Calculator
Use "Spending Smarter" website to avoid common pitfalls and

maximize the amount of money you have at your Disposal. Four calculators provided including:

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