Mike Hassard - The Pushor Mitchell 2008 Kelowna Apple Triathlon

The co-coordinators and directors met to socialize and get ready for the 2008 Pushor Mitchell Kelowna Apple Triathlon scheduled for August 16 and 17.

There were some concerns the day before. The wind had come up on the lake and produced one of the worst winds storms in Kelowna's History. There was still tree branches 15 feet long on the road ... fortunately that was the day before.

Apple Triathlon President Richard Montgomery and food assistant Philippe Daigle fired up the barbeque, and others brought salads and beverages. If this is any indication of the organization skills that will be represented on race day, then this years event should be a great one.

Randy Sparrow Race Coordinator said the course is in fine shape. "Road closures are well planned and new maps are now available. We are using the website, Shaw TV and the news papers to get the message out. We have done our best to minimize the effect on local traffic and still have an event that is worth watching".

"The one thing an event like this is always on the looking for, is volunteers" says President Richard Montgomery. " We have a great core of volunteers that put in countless hours to pull off this event each year , but we can always use more."

One of the things I noticed that makes the Kelowna Triathlon so unique is it's encourages family participation.

Some familes participate as individuals doing all three events. Some split the events as a relay team and focus on the swimming, biking or running. The idea is to have the entire family involved.

The Apple Triathlon even has Teen and Kids camps taught by experienced coaches and triathletes. Whether you live here or you come to Kelowna now you can spend the week, with the entire family, preparing for the event.

If you are interested in getting involved or just want more information check out the Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon website or contact the local office at (250) 861-5287 and leave your name and number.

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