Renovating Your Financial House Part 4

financial houseThe markets are in turmoil, debt levels are rising, now the economy is slowing. With less income how do you pay off your credit cards, go on a vacation or retire when you planned?

In the fourth part of my series "Renovating Your Financial House" I will be focusing on what you can do improve the income part of your financial house.

Control of your income is central to your success ... but when was the last time your really looked at it? Do make enough to pay for things you needed? What about the things you want? For a quick assessment check your tax summary and then your bank account. How much did you keep last year? For most the answer is NOT ENOUGH!

Maybe it is an extra 5,000 for a vacation each year, 7,000 to clear your credit card debt or an extra 10,000 to finance an early retirement.

Here are few ideas on how to increase your income ...

Open your own Internet business. With little expense and risk you can create your Internet business. You can set up a website or blog at no cost. Do market research on line. Even converse with potential clients from the comfort of your own living room. Keep in mind all business have risk and if you are looking to supplement your current income you don't need to anyway.

Get a part time job doing what you love. If you are an accountant, seniors need your help at tax time, if you are marketing manager provide advice to small to midsized business or maybe you can help the neighbourhood with landscaping. Again the idea is add 3,000 -5,000 a year to pay for your vacation or pay down your credit cards.

Upgrade your current profession or learn a new one in your spare time. Take a course as care aide, or take a sales job for a local company. Find out something new and increase your ability to make money and increase your value to current employer.

If you have been laid off recently or know some one who has check a previous post "Lost Your Job in Kelowna ... Now What".

If you are looking for more ideas check out the 3 other parts of this series. Just us the search tool on my blog using the title "Renovating Your Financial House"

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