The Card Game - Exposing Credit Cards

credit cards exposedWhen was the last time your really checked the terms and conditions of your the credit cards in your wallet? If you are like most of us the idea of reading the fine print is not something you would particularly enjoy ... but what you don't know can harm you!

Here is an excerpt from the new series from PBS "The Card Game" exposing credit card companies, the fees they charge and the impact they are having on their customers. (Make sure to check the link below the video for a Canadian perspective)

FRONTLINE and The New York Times join forces to investigate the changing nature of the consumer credit business. With new regulations coming, what are the new terms and products banks will be offering customers? Check out the video below.

The new rules in Canada are different. Check here ... CBC News - Canada - No hard cap on rates in Tories' new credit card rules

Of course the best way to beat the debt trap is to not have any.
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