Diet choices Salad vs. Burger

menu calories vancouver sunThe holidays are over and if you are like me you are a little wider now than you were at the first week of December. Losing weight and dieting just seems to be part of my New Years routine.

We all know that losing weight all starts with eating less calories. The challenge for many of us with busy life styles is we eat out more than ever. But do you really know what your are eating when you look at the menu? Would you eat differently if you did?

This weekend there was a great article in the Vancouver Sun RATE YOUR PLATE: What's Really On the Menu? It includes a link to the Fatabase Database to help you compare meals at your favorite restaurant.

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If you are like me now is the time to change my diet to shed a few (or should I say lots) of pounds. Of course there is a better idea for how to save on calories and your pocket book. Eat out less!

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