Retire in Style 3 Unique Home Designs

retire kelowna houseThere has been much discussion about Kelowna's downtown community plan. The big issues are the same as always density, where the building should be done, how high the buildings should be in downtown core.

The retiring baby boomers are looking to their future retirement and the impact of their lifestyle will have on the environment, and many are looking for change.Check Spelling

Should the housing be in the suburbs or in the city centre? Spacious or compact? Multi purpose or single use? Simple or more extravagant? All good questions ...

Doing some searching the other day there are many options to designing the retirement home of your dreams. The common thing about all the designs is a return to simpler design ... other than that each is quite unique.

Are these the designs a solution for housing needs in Kelowna for future retirees Probably not, but a amazing ideas none the less!

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