New Adventures For a New Point of View

Living in Kelowna is a real treat. We have everything ... 5 ski hills, a huge lake and endless amount of trails to see. (Thanks to Union Cycle Kelowna for the picture).

You name it we have are excellent restaurants, music and events galore. We move here because it has everything we want why go any where else?

And as I have found out for myself, as it is with travel so it is with the Internet 

If you are like me you follow websites, subscribe to newsletters, and have favorites sites for media you frequent. I always thought that the more I used the Internet more the more I would be more open to new things and new ideas.

Ethan Zuckerman's talk on "Listening to Global Voices" on Ted TV made question my reasoning because most of what I view on the Internet is nothing more than the ideas I already agree with and more the thing already like.

Thought provoking video!

So let me ask you when was the last time you ventured outside of your Internet comfort zone, ie. searching new subjects on twitter, joined a new group on Facebook, or visited a websites in different languages using Google translator to find new information, new points for view and reach new people?

One of my interests is finance (as you can tell from my blog content). My challenge over the next couple of weeks  is to surf foreign sites to get their perspective on financial matters. I will let you know how it goes!

Going boldly were I have never been gone before ...

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