New Retirement

In Kelowna I meet at least 2 people a week that have relocated to the valley to prepare for an early retirement. 

They have left the high paying jobs in Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton sold the family home and moved to the Okanagan Valley to be closer to aging parents.

Their plan is to work another 5-7 years, and with out a mortgage they hope to top up their retirement accounts and be well in position for a comfortable retirement. 

The world of retirement is changing in Okanagan.

For some, wise investing or the ownership of a well run business means income and security in retirement. For others the combination of a new low paying job market and a small investment account has created a new retirement ... a working retirement until the day they die.

CNN By John Zarrella - Two Boomers, Passions and Retirement

Key West, Florida (CNN) -- They are both baby boomers, both still living their dreams, but only one of them is feeling secure about retirement. She has her eyes on valuable coins, while he is following butterflies.

Check the entire series on CNN web site here

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Jo-Ann McLellan Says....

Kelowna is an amazing place for retirement with a wealth of young retirees. Our medical services is excellent with the largest hospital, heart clinic and cancer center between Vancouver and Calgary.
Also great golf, boating, triathlons and fabulous powder snow in the winter
Lots of people take early retirement and come to enjoy our beautiful climate and Kelowna Real Estate

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Boomers and Parents Says....

Kelowna is a the place to retire in Canada. Great climate, excellent services.

Thanks for the great article Mike

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