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Getting married for many is a time in your life when your life priorities start to change. Creating a new partnership helps us to focus on what really matters, and this includes our financial lives.

Unfortunately for many the road to marriage bliss comes with a huge bill attached. Based on 2010 results on the the average wedding today costs more that 26,000 dollars!

(The question that crossed my mind ... just how can you spend 26,000 on wedding anyway? Check out the infographic below.)

What a terrible way to start off your life together than a large personal loan, credit card bills and long term repayment schedules. Add to this student loan debt and pressure to buy your first home and now you know why most marriages end divorce under the financial pressure.

Do you really need a live band, and expensive three course meal or fully paid for bar.  I have never known anyone to turn down a wedding invitation because you are holding it in a community hall instead of a 5 star resort.

That being said, as it is with most things involving money, emotions and sentiment can get in the way of common sense.

This is why I would advise BEFORE you get married find yourself a good financial advisor and create a total needs plan for you and your new partner. Review your spending habits, cash flow financial goals etc. Many advisors will do this for free in the hopes of developing a future client.

Managing your current financial situation including your upcoming wedding costs can set you up for a great union and solid financial life. Debt is no way to start of your married life.

 true cost of a wedding infographic

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