Stock Trading Reality

Have you every thought of getting rich by buying gold, investing in a technology IPO, or hitting the jackpot with a stock tip.

To be honest I have.

I seems we all have a desire to hit the jackpot in our lives. With all the money that can be made in stock market ... many choose to treat it more like a lottery than a market for investment.

You could be next George Soro's and make 1 billion dollars in real estate in one day ... or could you?!

Human psychology seems to make this possibility difficult one for most of us. When the excitement of a return comes up against the fear of loss making good choices becomes less likely.

The solution I have heard I will sell when prices are high and buy when things are low. But here is the problem ...

  • When is the price high enough?
  • If the price high should you sell all or part of your position?
  • When is the price low enough?
  • If the price is low enough how much should you buy?
  • How will you handle a series of losses?
  • How will you handle not holding enough and only make a small return?

Trading is both to difficult technically and emotionally.

Still not convinced ... check out this documentary from the BBC "Million Dollar Traders".

Mike Hassard - Kelowna

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