Hate Your Job? Be Your Own Boss!

be your own boss in 2010Another year is behind us. For many it was a time for family and friends. But for some this year has been one of tremendous transition.

Job loss, and downsizing has come to Kelowna and many are looking but not finding much of job prospects. For some they are "over qualified" or not looking for the same 9-5 routine of the last 15 - 20 years. They are looking for something more flexible, more challenging and most of all fun.

Maybe it is a good time to start your own business? Check out the video from CNN below.
Posted: 08:01 AM ET

The economy may stink now, but this could be the perfect time to start your own business. Our Josh Levs went to an economics conventions and had the opportunity to get advice from economists. One expert told Josh if you do it right, on your own, you will be a leader of the future economy.

Stuck in job you don't like? Out of work and looking for something different. Maybe working for yourself could be the answer. I can't imagine having a boss ever again!

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