Can Rich Dad Make You Rich?

Get Rich Seminars May not make you RichThey come every year to Kelowna, seminars promising financial success in a few easy steps, using your credit card and a new method. 

Financial Gurus selling secret systems, special investments, and incredible tax strategies. But do these things actually work?

Now before I put my two cents into the discussion let me first say that have been involved professionally in the financial industry since 1995 so many of these speakers and experts are my competition.

But I am also a consumer like everyone else and have seen a number of "deals" roll through town.

The truth is there is no magic bullet, perfect investment or amazing strategy. Most wealth is created using three things hard work, patience and common sense. (And maybe a rich uncle)

If you missed it below is a link to a video/expose from CBC Marketplace profiling Rich Dad Seminars being held in towns across Canada. The events are being promoted under the name of Robert Kiosaki best selling author of number of financial books including Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I have been a fan of Robert's books since he first wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. Although I do not always agree with his choice of investments ( ie. rental real estate vs mutual funds and his dislike of RRSPs ), I have always found his cash flow principles to be sound.

I am sure some have benefited from Robert's books, I have learned from them myself. As for the value of the all the get the rich type of seminars that come to Kelowna each year and the products/systems that go with them ... make sure to do your due diligence.

It is true some one will get rich ... it just might not be you. Of course this is just one man's opinion.

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