Credit Cards Made in China

The world is getting smaller every day even in the financial world. The desire for a better life is starting to grow and driving a need for access to financial products.

All the things we have come to expect in Canada's financial banking system like lines of credit, mortgages, debit and credits cards are gaining interest world wide.

The other day I came across the website for The Bank of China using Google's translator.

There are credit cards for business, for women and business owners. Here are three different credit cards the Bank of China site is promoting. 
(Oh make sure to check out the interesting translation and spelling provided.)

A credit card for Amway distributors in China called the Great Wall Credit Card

Product Description - Amway is the Great Wall, Great Wall brand credit card, issued for the breakdown of Amway products marketers. Amway labor compensation as a settlement account. Amway inherited a new generation of the Great Wall Great Wall series credit card credit card for all basic functions and services, including interest-bearing deposits, overdrafts consumer can enjoy up to 50 days interest-free repayment period, with optional password spending, report the loss of zero risk, large transaction confirmed, revolving credit, cash advances, telephone purchase of foreign exchange payments, automatic payments, flexible repayment plans auto, installment, online banking services and other functions.

A credit card for women - Titanium "Love Yourself" Credit Card

Product Description - Ms Credit Card Bank of titanium is for the Bank of China's first high-end white-collar women in the city, issued an international standard credit card, adhering to the Bank of China 一贯 provide a full range, Gao-quality financial service purposes, Zhizaimanzu Xian Dai women consumers seeking quality, fashion, health, financial demands, full of "Love Yourself-Love yourself, more beautiful" new life "new titanium degrees." BOC Credit Card, as pioneered by President Titanium Titanium Mirror card, not only with multiple levels of security, long interest free period, a variety of installment payments and other financial functions, the ladies love life more colorful provided courtesy honor comprehensive exclusive intimate women's health insurance, women's fashion colorful Friends of exclusive card site, even with excellent financial services, the timely provision of professional financial statement analysis.

Shop in style while in Japan with the Lucky Cat Credit Card

Product Description -  Lucky Cat Bank Credit Card is the Bank of China have the yen to pay for those who demand  compliance with international standards issued by a credit card. Bank of China launched a vertical version of the first cartoon credit card, Bank of Lucky Cat card used meaning "wealth and fortune, making plenty of money," the Lucky Cat cartoon image as a card design, very happy, cute. Lucky Cat Bank has a revolving credit card in addition to, cash advance, report the loss of zero risk credit cards basic financial functions, can also provide you with a variety of value-added services and the REWARDS program. Especially for those with Japan needs of customers, products unique to the yuan / yen settlement feature allows you to consumption areas in the yen to yen settled in renminbi and the yen through the direct exchange to account for repayment can save exchange costs.

It is amazing what financial ideas and information you can find on the internet. When you have some time make sure to take Google translator for test run on some foreign webpages this weekend.

Makes for some fun reading!

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