Downsizing in 3 Easy Steps

As a financial professional most of time I only get calls when someone is in a financial transition (that is financial speak for a change that has not been planned for).

The loss of a job, forced retirement, dealing with aging parents and the dreaded sale of family home or now referred to as "downsizing".

The idea of downsizing is a good one. Your new smaller home is cheaper, easier to maintain and if properly located can save money on transportation. More money in your pocket the better your retirement ... but is it worth the pain of change?

There is emotional history attached to your home,  like baby's first step in the living room, family dinners on Sunday Evening or just the ease of know where the bathroom is in the middle of the night. The selling of the family home is one of those decisions is may make sense on paper but because of the emotional baggage attached to many leave this to last moment.

Here is a great article from the Globe and Mail you may find useful as you plan to downsize your home ...

Oh and by the way I lied ... after more than 15 years I have never known anyone to downsize in 3 easy steps ... but downsizing can be made easier with proper planning.

Make sure to check out my other articles on the subject of Downsizing and how to plan for it. It will save you taxes, fees/costs and most of all piece of mind!

So when is the garage sale?

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