Spies on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Maybe you prefer Linkin or Twitter? Social Networking  is replacing  the phone as the preferred form of comunication today.

Now you can update your family on your son's graduation, show off your new born baby or share your pictures from  your family vacation. If you are like me things like Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter have become away of like for me.

Let me ask you, and be honest. Have you ever added a friend to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter you don't really know.  

In the age of Social Networking this could cost you.

Debt Collectors and Insurance Claims Adjustor's and Employers have take taken to this practice to spy on their customers/employees. Check out his article and audio post from the National Public Radio...

Elusive Debtors Foiled By Their Social Media Sites : NPR

Some collectors are using social networking sites to catch delinquents.

So next time you log into favorite social networking site make sure review your friends to make sure you know who they are. You may want to be a bit more careful what you say and the pictures you share.  

Your creditors, employer and maybe even the taxman could be watching!

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