Life Insurance for Baby Boomers

One thing I really enjoy about living in Kelowna is the great out doors. In our own back yard you can participate in kayaking in Okanagan Lake, cross country skiing near Crystal Mountain and even mountain climbing at Skaha Bluffs

The life style of the modern baby boomer is much different than their parents.

Can you imagine your grandmother sky diving, or driving a race car?  Many are ... and of course the cost of buying life insurance goes up accordingly.

The additional cost can be as much as 50 to 100 percent or more depending on the frequency of your involvement in the sport of your choice.  Some insurance companies just opt out all together with exclusions for hazardous sports. 

So the question comes up from time to time .... should you just omit telling the insurance company to save the money? Only if you are crazy! 

As it is with Murphy's Law, you are more than likely to need the coverage while base jumping in the Himalayas, or Whitewater Rafting in the Yukon.

Few things you can also do to keep your life insurance costs down that might make more sense are, buy one policy for your entire family, get the right length of term to match your needs, and get rid of the coverage the moment you don't need it.

The only other solution is take up something less risky past times like triathlons, hiking in the bush and fly fishing.

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