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With interest rates at an all time low and pressure on governments to limit the money supply there is a very real likely hood that interest rates will rise this year. How much no one knows ... but what would you do if interest rates climbed a half, one or two percent?

If it has been awhile since you have visited this area of your financial life it might be a good idea to review the impact of rising interest rates on you cash flow, now while you have time to consider your options.

The Globe and Mail in December ran a online quiz to test your interest rate knowledge and it might well be worth your while to try it out.

Globe and Mail Interest Rate Quiz

If you have not reviewed your complete financial picture in a while it maybe time to go back to your financial advisor before you renegotiate your mortgage and plan on how to deal with the potential coming interest rate increase.

And if interest rates don't go up ... at least you will have more cash flow for other financial goals, like a trip to warmer climate of a couple of weeks!

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