Retirement Can Be Funny

funny financial videos on retirement
The topic of financial management and retirement is a serious financial issue for many. Will you have enough to live with dignity, how do you deal with your investments when the financial markets are down, and what if you live too long? 

The answer for most financial companies is to scare their customers in to making hard decisions.

Nationwide Insurance in the UK has come up with a lighter approach in a series of commercials under the banner "Life comes At You Faster than you think".

Check out these videos -- very funny!

Growing up Fast "Reflection"

The Lottery Ticket

The Bedroom

Choosing a Bride

This is a great advertising campaign to deal with a serious subject! Which commercial do you find the funniest?

For more check out the Nationalwide Financial youtube page here.
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Anonymous Says....

These are terrific Mike! Makes you think and gives you a laugh at the same time.

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