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financial investing in Canada
The winter olympics proved it. We Canadians are much better than we think we are. We are honest, and polite yet at the same time we are competitive and we can win.

The spin off from this investment by government and athletes to own the podium, has spilled over as Canadian athletes continuing to shine on the world stage.

This also applies to our place as a financial power, and as investors.  Few countries can claim to have a financial future like we have.

Just imagine living in a country that has natural resources needed by the world over the next 40 years, an educated population that wants to work, lower taxes for business than most jurisdictions and a secure society that attracts the best in the world.

Add to this a strong dollar and reasonable fiscal restraint, Canada becomes a ideal choice for business to move their operations to, to create jobs and pay taxes.  As an individual investor, the opportunity is just the same ...Canada is a great environment to invest in.

Growth like this effects all businesses. Banks, communication companies, plumbing companies, software companies and consulting companies. Whether you work for a large company in administration, provide government services like health care or own a small business employing 2 or 3 others, Canada will be a great country and economy to prosper in.

As individual investors, as we continue to invest in our RRSP's, TFSA's and Investment Accounts during times of turmoil we are buying a larger chunk of the world at a tremendous discount with a strong dollar.  In next 10 to 15 years I believe Canada will look like the jewel many of us don't see right now.

As I have said before I am a bit of an optimist ... but I have being encouraging my clients for years with this vision for Canada and now I am not the only one saying this!

Check this article from the Washington Times in January 2011 from James Bacon called "Go North Young Man, Go North". (Please over look some of the errors on the political history, the central issue of the article is correct)

BACON: Go north, young man, go north - Washington Times
Unless the Winter Olympics are on television or someone is clubbing baby seals, Americans don't pay much attention to what's happening in Canada. It's as if we live in a house with a set of quiet, orderly neighbors on one side and a bachelor pad with drunken parties, girls in the hot tub ... read more here>> 

For those detractors that doubt Canada ... in the words of Canadian Comedian team Bob and Doug Mackenzie "Take Off ... Eh!"
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