How Men Die

men die sooner
Life insurance is the foundation of total needs planning. Premature death can ruin a families chance for financial success. 

We have all heard the statistic men die earlier than women, but have you ever wondered why? 

Yes some men are bigger risk takers, more men enlist in fighting roles in military, and some take dangerous jobs like deep sea diving, or below ground mining. 

But these differences play a small role in this difference. So if men die younger ... what is it that men die from?

When I found this infographic the other day I just had to share it. So if you are a male you may want to sit down. The numbers are based on 2008s projected estimates based on mortality figures from the Centers of Disease Control and Provention Wonder Database.

I found it a eye opener ...

men die sooner infographic


The good news is your chances for a long life can be improved by avoiding some things altogether (ie riding a motor cycle) or  through a change in your lifestyle (ie sunscreen).

Personally I like denial method myself. Like many men I am sure these numbers don't apply to me.

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