Renovating Your Financial House Part 1

It was a stroke of genius. Giving a tax credit for home owners to spend money on a new hot tub, bigger kitchen, or renovate the family room. Improve the quality of your living experience and save some taxes along the way!

What respectable home owner in Kelowna would want a nicer home? According to some polls more than 50 % of Canadians know about the renovation tax credit and many are going to do some kind of work in the next 6 months!

Just like upgrading your home ... renovating your Financial House can radically improve the quality of your life. Whether this means changing your spending habits so you have more spending money, simplify your life insurance coverage to save money, optimizing/eliminating debt to pay less interest or contibuting more to your RSP for a better retirment... a Financial Renovation can do wonders to improve your life!

Over the next 4 weeks I will be discussing the 4 key areas to creating a Financial House you can sleep soundly in.

The four areas are:

Protecting Your Family. Are you spending more than you make, what do do if your EI benefits are late, or the bread winner dies prematurely. It not sexy ... but this the foundation of your Financial House. Check out Part 1 here

Debt Elimination. Debt is the number one issue facing Canadian Families. Can you imagine your life if you had no debt? No credit cards, line of credit, overdraft and mortgage. How much more money each month would you have with no debt. Part 2 here

Build Savings. How to get your money working for you. Creating a systematic way of making money so you can focus on how to live your life and not worry about the markets. Know how your money is invested so you don't have to worry. Part 3 here

Have a written plan to achieve your goals and dreams. So you agree you want to protect your family, eliminate your debt and build saving for the future, is important to your success. What questions should it answer and how to tell if your plan is working. Part 4 here.

Now is great time to renovate your Financial House and improve your quality of life today and in the future.

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